Santa Visits in 2020

Visits with Santa will look a bit different this year.

While you may not be able to see Santa Claus at the mall or in your home this year, thanks to the folks at JingleRing, Santa is coming to you in 2020. From the dreamers behind Santa’s Fantastical in Atlanta, GA, JingleRing is a Virtual Santa Visit that’s safe, super-fun, personalized, and affordable.

Visit with Santa from the comfort of home. JingleRing offers Magical Santa visit without the stress, germs, lines or traffic!

One of the best things about JingleRing is that it is personalized to your child and family. We proudly offer diverse cultural preferences so you can experience Santa as you wish to see him, in addition to multiple language options. You’ll be able to provide Santa with information on your children in your JingleRing family profile such as: what they want for Christmas, their house elf names, pet names, things that deserve praise (ex: great grades) and things could use improvement (ex: clean room). We know how impactful it can be for this type of information to be relayed through Santa.

A JingleRing visit is almost 50% less than the average retail or mall visit for more quality time with Santa. JingleRing offers a variety of pricing options starting at $19.95 for a personalized pre-recorded video message and $24.95 for a live virtual visit with Santa. That’s almost 50% less than the national average for a Santa mall photo package!

Our exclusive VIP Pre-Sale is open. Register now for access to the Pre-Sale event in order to secure the best time slots and earn discounts of 20% off! Please note: Our initial sign ups have been extremely heavy due to the unusual circumstances of 2020. We strongly encourage you to register early and book your JingleRing when we start taking reservations November 1.

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